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產品名稱:出口型避雷器 Summarlze





    The metal oxide surge arrester(MOA)is the most advanced over-voltage protector in the word.The metal oxide varistors(MOV),as the core organ, made under japanese technology Iicense.lt have good response to steep front surge, excellent volt-ampere characteristics and high discharge capability,which provides a very consistent protection merit at steep front surge,lighting surge and switching surge,and enhances protective capability.
    The polymeric house,as a new generation of insulation,is characterized by small size,light weight,high strength,resistant to heavy pollution and free from cleaning maintenance.
    The product has been confirms by the chines national center for quality supervision and test of insulators and surge arresters.The technical performance of the product conforms to IEC60099-4 standard technical requirements.

Designation of letters

Condition 0f use
★The ambient air themperatures is no higher than+40℃,no lower than-40℃.
★The altitude above sea level dose not exceed 2000m.
★AC system frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz.
★AC voltage brought to bear on arrester fora long time does not exceed arrester's   continuous operating voltage.
★Maximum wind speed dose not exceed 35m/s.
★The earthquake intensity does not exceed 7 degrees.

The technical parameters of typical

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